Helping the less fortunate in our community.

Before I even starting studying as a Life Coach I knew that I wanted to help those in my community that are less fortunate for what ever reason. As a person who has often wished that someone would just give me a chance or another try, to have someone say to me “hey you know what? pick yourself up and dust yourself off and have another go” would have made a difference in my world to me. Even recently, I obtained my HR licence and started looking for a job driving trucks but they all wanted someone with experience and I thought frustratingly how am I suppose to get experience if no one will hire me without it! I have put that dream aside for now as I feel like I need to focus on helping others but believe me when I say that one day I will drive a truck!

It all started when I wanted to start a charity called “Loose Change” but have since found out that it costs around $100,000 to have a charity and I don’t have that kind of money. So I can either give up or think of a plan B, because giving up is going to achieve nothing, plan B is it! I have decided to start a Go-Fund me page too assist in the cost of coaching our less fortunate members of our community.

So WHO is it that I want to coach? people who are less fortunate in our community? WHAT am I going to? I want to coach people who are finding it hard to enter the work force, or want to study but don’t have the funds or know where to start, school leavers that have not been given the opportunities or support needed to move on and our homeless who would like to reintegrate back into society and get back to a life they once had. They will be entitled to access my services paid for with the Go-Fund me money and monitored monthly for progress. Some people will require more help than others.  WHY? because these people are apart of OUR community, and the young adults in OUR community are OUR future. How many times have you heard the expression “charity should start at home”? well let’s put that into reality. It all starts with you and I. We all have an opinion when it comes to people on the dole, not wanting to look for work, appear to be lazy or for whatever reason and that’s ok, everyone’s entitled to it. We also seem to do a lot of whinging about why aren’t they looking for work, why don’t they do something with their lives, whats wrong with these generations, yep we have all done it. I got sick of hearing it so I started asking “so, what are you going to do about it?” which is usually followed by a shrug or “I dunno”. HOW are we going to help these people? By making a donation to my Go-Fund me page that I intend on setting up in the very near future. With your help I truely believe that we can make difference to OUR community.

I will be totally transparent about how the money is being spent, it will appear in my monthly newsletter so you will need to sign up on my website to receive a copy. I will publish with permission stories of success (let’s hope there is a lot) and people who we have helped and people who are genuinely trying. Feel free to let me know if there is anything else you would like to see. There will be a financial assessment to complete before commencement of any coaching to qualify. This sends shivers down my spine and gets me excited! Knowing that I can and will make a positive difference to someone’s life is why I became a coach. I will be making every effort to make sure this is a viable project and carried out in a professional manner. I thank you in advance for your support and hope to be thanking you in the future, let’s make this happen!

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