Go Fund Me Page

Hey there, so this is an update from my previous post regarding helping those in our community that haven’t had the opportunities that some of us have or the direction/guidance needed to make decisions about which path to take in life.

I have set up the Go Fund me page as I said that I would. I have set a rather large target and people might think it’s excessive but it’s only the beginning. Yes the money will be used to pay for my services as well as training, clothes for interviews, petrol money to get to the job they have just been successful in obtaining but need a little fuel till they get paid, education to name a few. I will be networking with such places as the PCYC, job network places, employment places, youth support, places like Anglicare and Red Cross that already support our home less population. Working together we can make a difference. I’m hoping that the government can come to the party with some funding, although we would have to prove that it’s a worthwhile investment.

I just need a few donations to get started. It doesn’t need to be large amount, perhaps just your loose change. I’m starting the donations with my own loose change, I have $9.80. Please help make our community sustainable. The generations that follow are our future.

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