What are our kids having for breakfast?


The alarm goes off and we rush out of bed, get the kids up and the hustle begins. Get dressed, do your hair, have breakfast, brush your teeth, wash your face, put your socks and shoes on, pack your bag, grab your lunch. Thats a lot to do first thing in the morning! If your kids were like mine it was often hard to motivate them to get out of bed and get ready without being told a thousand times to hurry up!

Quite often in our busy lives we look for convenience, quick and easy when it comes to feeding our families. Especially in the mornings when we need to hustle our kids out the door for school. So we give our kids a quick, convenient and easy breakfast which is usually cereal. I did. It’s only been in recent years that I have thought a lot about food and the impact it has on our bodies. We as parents are responsible for what we feed our children for every meal not just breakfast. We have all read and heard about the impact sugar and preservatives have on our bodies and yet we don’t seem to change what we’re eating for convenience, quick and easy. It seems that we are somewhat stuck in this pattern. And I know if your a working mum your trying to get yourself ready in the morning and may not have great eating habits yourself as your usually the last one you look after. Or when you get home from work you don’t want to stand at a hot stove cooking dinner for any longer that you need too, you want to get it over and done with and sit down and relax. Am I right? Thats how I felt.

Since making the choice to eat a healthier diet my mind set has changed and so have my taste buds. I now want to cook on that stove at the end of the day, I want to get up a little earlier so I can make a healthy breakfast for my family, I have the energy, drive and passion to set good examples for my child. Get the kids involved with making these meals, kids love to help with grown up things and your teaching them skills for life. Obviously if you have little ones they’re not going to be using a knife or getting close to the stiove but they can get out the pots and pans, crack and egg, measure out ingredients, help rinse off the dirty dishes etc. Yes it may take a little longer to prepare the meal and clean up but think of the bonding time you’ve had, the skills you have taught and the help you have received.

It’s no secret that fresh food keeps you fuller for longer. Imagine what it could do for your school age kiddies? help them concentrate, help with behaviours, help to focus, they won’t be hungry 10 minutes after eating. But best of all, help there little bodies to develop without sugar and preservatives. These are things we need to start when we first start feeding our precious babies. We as parents set the behaviours that our kids follow when it comes to food because we are the ones responsible for feeding our children. For example I would cook and prepare vegetables for my 14 yr old when she was a baby. Sure she didn’t always like it but I persisted until I found the vege she liked best and sometimes mixed in a little of the vege she didn’t like. And even now on her plate the vege is the first thing she eats and much to my amazement she loves brussel sprouts! Although this has not always been the case, not when I needed quick, convenient and easy. But I have recently returned to preparing and cooking as I now realise how important it is for my family and myself.

It’s not easy, it’s not always convenient and it’s not fast but it’s very rewarding knowing that you have made a healthy meal and you know what the ingredients are and how it was prepared. It’s never too late to start, even if its only on the weekends when you have a bit more time to spend in the kitchen preparing meals and have extra time to clean up with your helpers. Some breakfast options could be fritters – a great way to use up left overs and to sneak in a bit of vege if their not looking, cooking oats, frittatas with tomato and ham, home made soup, egg cooked anyway you like with a piece of toast, even having left overs reheated for breakfast. If your making scrambled egg or an omelette you can add what ever you like, tomato, ham, cheese, spinach, capsicum, shredded zucchini, probably not all at once haha. 1 or 2 should work nicely. There are some great recipes out there that are quick and easy to prepare eg; Jamie’s 15 minute meals, that guy is a genius! Find what works best for you and your family… ¬†Enjoy!

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