Do you budget?

I think it’s important to have a budget, even if you have enough money that you don’t necessarily require one. It’s still important so you know how much your spending and know what areas of your spending you can cut back on so you can save to buy other things. How nice does it feel to pay cash for a car? You’re probably rolling your eyes saying, as if! Is that even possible? Is this lady crazy? Answer is YES it is possible and YES I maybe a little crazy but I have been on both sides of this coin (pun intended) šŸ™‚

I have been at both ends when it comes to finances. I know what it’s like to survive on a single parent pension, and I know what it’s like to earn $60,000 a year and I have managed to survive in both situations because I’ve always had a budget. Recently I remortgaged my home loan with another provider and part of that was providing my budget. And even though I don’t spend much money on luxury items and thought my budget was under control I was surprised on how much I was actually spending without being aware of it. So I was taught a new way to budget and the self discipline that comes with it. I now have a set amount per week that we have put in a seperate account and thats it for the week. It takes a little while to adapt but it’s well worth it when you get your bills in the mail or you have a little extra so you can afford a luxury item, to take the family out or treat yourselves to a holiday.

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