With a Diploma in Life Coaching, and qualifications in Aged Care, I have had extensive experience with working with people from all walks of life.

I also believe that such experience doesn’t just come with having a piece of paper, but having the real life experience to go with it.

From a young age I knew what it was like to live a life of struggle as I came from a poor family. I don’t regret anything from my childhood but I understood that life was going to take hard work and a lot of persistence to achieve what I wanted, and what I desired to provide one day.

I began my working life as any young person does in various casual roles in hospitality and whatever was available to make ends meet as I was a young mother at seventeen years of age. However, I knew that within me I had a deep desire to help people, to nurture and care for them and so it wasn’t long before I found myself in Aged Care. I worked my way up in the industry and became a Team Leader, but I still yearned for something more – to make a visceral impact, a real difference. My role in rehab was incredibly rewarding, seeing people become well and able to return to their homes.

I transitioned to a role in Rehabilitation which I found incredibly rewarding – assisting people to become well and then return to their homes.

I then discovered it was the inner parts of a person I wanted to see well and to thrive. And that’s where I discovered Life Coaching and I have never looked back since.

It really is a beautiful thing to become empowered and to then empower others, and this is a life I know you yourself can achieve and thrive in.

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